Joe Cornish: Photographing ‘Climate’

Joe Cornish: Photographing Climate

Landscape photographer Joe Cornish talks about an assignment to demonstrate how global warming is changing the British landscape and what this means for your shots.

It’s almost impossible to open a newspaper or turn on the TV these days without seeing some story about global warming – it’s clearly the single biggest issue facing the world at the moment. But how…

Glen Wexler Profile

Secret Agent Cows cover

Ever wondered what cows get up to when we’re not looking? Glen Wexler reveals all in our in-depth Glen Wexler profile.

It started as an ad campaign, but has taken on a life of its own. Los Angeles-based photographer Glen Wexler’s cleverly constructed images of cows as superheroes and secret agents has gained a big following among fans of both bovines…

The Life of a Wildlife Photographer

Life of a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photographer, Steve Bloom, talks about how to photograph wildlife and what equipment is best for wildlife photography.

Within the sphere of wildlife photography, 56-year-old Steve Bloom has few peers. After five best-selling and critically acclaimed books and an international series of exhibitions, much of his work has become instantly recognisable. But how did he get to where he is now?…

Neil Mclntyre Profile

The Cairngorm Mountains

If you want to know the best places to capture images of a mountain hare, or a red stag rut, look no further than one of Scotland’s finest, Neil McIntyre.
Having grown up the son of a Perthshire gamekeeper on the eastern edge of Scotland, Neil Mclntyre was well placed to learn about the animals that would become his chosen photographic subject…

Frans Lanting Profile


We meet world-renowned nature photographer Frans Lanting.

Frans Lanting’s lavishly illustrated, large-format book, Life: A Journey Through Time, was almost a decade in the making and tells the story of life on Earth from its earliest beginnings, utilising stunning images of eye-catching creatures and geological formations found in the present.
The origins of the Rotterdam-born nature photographer’s latest project lie in the…

Top tips for how to shoot floral still-lifes


Do you aspire to take stunning flower photographs? Professional botanical photographer Emma Peios shares a few tips for how to shoot floral still-lifes.

1. Natural light
If you don’t have studio lighting when shooting floral still-lifes, natural daylight can be just as effective. Try to find the biggest window in your house and consider the direction that the window faces. For example,…

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is always one of the highlights of the photographic year. Here’s a selection the 2009 winners…

Now in its 45th year, the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is very much the Oscars equivalent within the world of wildlife photography and, as such, has always attracted huge numbers of entries from amateur and…

Top tips for photographing cats and dogs

pets dog tips

In our top tips for photographing cats and dogs we show you how to get the best pet portraits in your own home…

Photographing pets: pet photography tips and tricks

Pet photography guide

Our guide to photographing pets tells you all you need to know for great pet photography. Including camera setting, equipment, framing and getting the final shot…

Bird photography: How to photograph garden birds

How to photograph garden birds - a Grey Wagtail

It’s easy to get fantastic pictures of the birds in your garden, we tells you how, and what kit to use…