Travel Photography Masterclass


Read our trusted travel photography masterclass for your complete guide to creating perfect pictures that capture the joys of travel photography.

Travel Photography Masterclass – Research Your Destination
Although its possible to get good photos from any holiday, to guarantee great travel photography results it’s important to choose the right place to go, and then to plan your trip carefully beforehand. After…



The aperture, or ‘f-stop’, is the hole in your lens and does more than control how much light comes into the camera. We explain how adjusting your camera’s aperture affects your image.

Cameras use two main methods to control the amount of light reaching the sensor. While the shutter speed determines the duration of time that the sensor is exposed to…

How to Photograph Gardens


Looking back on our pick of the 2010 International Garden Photographer of the Year winners, we bring you a selection of top tips on how to photograph gardens that will have you creating great garden shots of your own in no time.
Though a DSLR isn’t essential, when learning how to photograph gardens, you’ll need a camera that gives you control…

Where to photograph trains


We have teamed up with the makers of Railway magazine to give you all the must-have information on where to photograph trains and how to get the best from your train and railway shots.

Our location for where to photograph trains this month is Irchester viaduct on the Midland Main Line, just south of Wellingborough, where Richard Gennis photographed Freightliner Type…

Dean Chalkley Profile

Matt Bellamy by Dean Chalkley

In-demand portrait photographer Dean Chalkley shares his tips for success and reveals what’s inside his camera bag.

With his images frequently gracing the likes of The Sunday Times, Dean Chalkley is a man in demand. But it’s for his shots of the good, the bad and the ugly of the music scene for NME that he was named Portrait Photographer of…