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Create memorable, flattering photographs using our portrait guide…

Phil Sharp Profile

Phil Sharp

Professional portrait photographer Phil Sharp shoots for major record labels and music magazines. Audley Jarvis talks to him.

In the short space of four years since first turning professional, 29-year-old portrait photographer Phil Sharp has made something of a name for himself. As a result, he now lists Universal Records, EMI, Apple, NME, and MTV 
among his clients.
Not bad for someone…

Annabel Williams Profile

Anabel Williams Photograph

Social photography’s former rebel now teaches other photographers how to reject the advice she was given when she was starting out, Nigel Atherton discovers.

If one person can be credited with dragging commercial portraiture away from the purgatory of canvas backgrounds and gold-rimmed brown slip folders, it’s Annabel Williams. Now one of the UK’s most successful social photographers, the contemporary style…

Using off-camera flash

Using off camera flash

We look at how multiple flashguns can transform your lighting and how to control them in-camera…

Portrait photography tips

image 4

Simplicity is often the key to success in portrait photography, as Ian Farrell shows in his portrait photography tips, using nothing other than window light, a reflector and a digital camera…

Wideangle portraits


Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules. Why not try shooting some wideangle portraits? Richard Sibley shows how a wideangle lens can be used to take striking portrait pictures…

How To Rescue Flat Portraits

flat portraits before and after

Richard Sibley explains how to use the digital darkroom to rescue a flat portrait and transform it into a high-key black and white portrait…

Portrait retouching using Photoshop

Retouching portraits in Photoshop

In our step by step guide, we show you how to retouch your portrait images using Photoshop…

Adding catchlights to eyes

before and after catchlights

Adding catchlights to eyes can help brighten and lift them. Richard Sibley shows how a simple technique can add sparkle to a portrait…

How to shoot outdoor portraits

outdoor portrait 1

Your complete guide to creating perfect outdoor portraits. The benefit of outdoor portraiture is that everywhere you go is a potential studio and, with a few tips, you can make the most of every situation.