Landscape Tips

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Explore the options when shooting stunning scenery using these 12 top tips…

Kevin Day Profile

Kevin Day Sunlit Tree

Kevin Day rekindled his passion for photography thanks to a new camera, a website, and a gnarled tree. Read on to find out more on this landscape photographer.
With so many demands on our time these days it can sometimes be difficult to find the time and the impetus to go out and take photographs. One of the best ways to…

Jeremy Walker Profile


A childhood friendship first sparked landscape photographer Jeremy Walker’s passion for photography, and he hasn’t looked back since.
It was actually with the esteemed editor of What Digital Camera that Jeremy Walker first kicked off his interest in photography. Both he and Nigel Atherton were at school together, and, rather than indulge in the complexities of maths, they found it much…

Spring landscape photography tips and advice

Spring landscape photography tips - yellow tulips

The Daffodils are out and spring is now well under way. Colin Varndell presents a few Spring landscape photography tips for making the most of this most picturesque season…

Essential gear for winter landscapes

Photography Equipment for Winter landscapes - trees

A good camera that records RAW files is only the beginning. We list the other equiment you also need for winter landscapes…

Top tips for shooting winter landscape photos

Winter landscape tips - River

Don’t get frozen out. Capture better winter landscape photos using Niall’s techniques…

Shooting winter landscapes

Winter landscape tips - mountains

One of the UK’s most prolific writers on nature photography, Niall Benvie presents his techniques and tips on capturing spectacular winter landscape photographs…

Misty Landscapes

The winter months can provide impressive weather, you just need to keep your eyes open…

Photographing landscapes with a telephoto lens

Photographing landscapes with a telephoto lens

Landscapes don’t have to be taken with a wideangle lens. Try a telephoto optic instead…

Autumn landscape photography: Essential equipment and Autumn shooting tips

golden hour mist

Before you start shooting your Autumn landscapes, take a look at our advice on how to produce great Autumn landscape photography and what gear and equipment to take.