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Nature Tips

Backlit narcissi wuth sun flare

Here are some of the best ways to capture naturally beautiful images…

Travel & Cities Top Tips


6 top tips to move towards uniquely documenting your surroundings…

Action Tips

Competitive swimming, Mens Butterfly

Make sure you’re up to speed on how best to capture those sporting moments…

Ways To Increase Output


We’re all guilty of letting our images gather dust on our hard drives. Make 2014 the year that you turn your pictures into something tangible and show them off where people can see them. Here are a few ideas…

Lighting Tips


Shedding light on creative techniques to use and how to avoid common pitfalls…

Improve Your Workstation


There are plenty of ways to improve the performance of your digital darkroom, from the hardware you use to the processes you put in place. This will ensure your time isn’t wasted while you’re waiting for your computer to catch up, as well as being able to find shots easily and making sure they’re kept safe too.

Lens Tips


The best advice to focus on when it comes to choosing and using lenses…

How to get the most from your in-camera dynamic range optimisation


Most modern digital cameras feature modes that deal with dynamic range. We look at what they are and how they work
Almost every camera sold nowadays comes with some sort of mode designed to extend, or at least optimise, the dynamic range of the images produced by the sensor. These modes cannot actually alter the performance of the camera’s image sensor,…

Enhance The Way You Shoot


Everyone has their own way of working, but there are always some ways which are better, safer and faster than others. If you’d like to minimise risk of damage and expensive repair bills, or fancy working in a more methodological manner, cast your eye over our tips to help improve the way you shoot out in the field….

10 Composition Tips

Look for symmetry
Sometimes a symmetrical composition can be very powerful. It can work well if there is natural symmetry in the scene, perhaps because of a reflection, but can also make for very powerful portraits. It works great with architectural photographs too.

Follow our top 10 tips to create eye-catching compositions…